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many sparrows play

Large Print Poems

many sparrows play
in evergreen trees
perfect harmony

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Poems: Rain and Seasons

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Rain this morning, and thought I’d search my archives for poems about rain. Then I saw that I can add the idea of seasons. The poems are from over the years.

frozen raindrops
on birch tree branches
March Sunday

on new seawall
built with limestone
from a Wisconsin

rain before dawn
I think about the peonies
almost ready to bloom
and those in the area
already bowed to the ground

rain and
near my window
first daylilies bloom

gold hosta leaves
and sounds of rain
October morning

morning rain
rereading familiar
poems of faith

winter rain
snow fences
ready to unroll

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Summer beauty

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Summer beauty
stays in my heart
yellow lilies from a store
in the blue vase
by a window

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